Solid Carbon Fiber, 42” in length, fast action with heavy power.  This is an excellent choice for those large Greenback Walleye’s, Lake Trout, Eel Pout or Large Pike.

42″ in Length | Heavy in Power | Fast in Action


Solid Carbon Fiber, 32” in length, fast action with medium heavy tip.  Excellent all-around Walleye rod to fish reaction bites utilizing Rippin Raps, Jig’n Raps or heavier spoons.  6-8 lb. test line, handles the bigger eye’s with ease.

Rippineyes: 32″ in Length | Medium/Heavy in Power | Fast in Action


Solid Carbon Fiber, 30” in length, fast action with medium tip.  Excellent choice for shallow water Walleye’s, lighter presentations or 4 lb. test.  If you want to put the fun back into fighting 14”- 20” Walleye’s or chasing those jumbo perch, this is your stick.

WallyPerca: 30″ in Length | Medium in Power | Fast in Action


Solid Carbon Fiber, 28” blank utilizing 3.5” titanium spring bobber.  Moderate action with medium tip.  Spring bobber indicates lite biting fish. Moderate action maintains even load distribution for handling those deep water soft mouthed Crappie’s.

Inhaler: 28″ in Length | Medium Lite Power | Moderate Action


Solid Carbon Fiber, 32” length, extra fast action with medium tip.  This rod is a panfisherman’s dream.  Perfect action for pursuing Sunfish, Crappie or Perch.

Noodle Lite

Solid glass rod, 30” in length, extra fast action with very soft tip.  Soft tip detects lite bites but loads quickly to provide immediate hook set.  Excellent rod choice for pursuing those finicky panfish!

Noodle Lite: 30″ in Length | Noodle Power | Extra Fast Action | Panfish


Solid Carbon Fiber, 36” in length, fast action with medium heavy tip.  This is the perfect rod for hole hoping outdoors or fishing in larger wheel houses.  Extra length assists in maintaining consistent pressure on fish. Excellent big Walleye or Pout rod.


Solid Carbon Fiber, 46” in length, fast action / heavy power with reel seat.  This is the ultimate “BIG FISH” rod.  Lake Trout, Sturgeon, Big Pike, Muskie, etc…  Maintains consistent pressure while fighting trophy size fish.