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Live Large…
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Your Passion.
Your Passion.

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Once you pick up one of our ice fishing or open water rods, you’ll feel the difference. You’ve found your go to rod. The first out of the rod locker and the last to be put back in. Our mission is to design every rod to its fullest potential. We’re not out to market to everyone, rather, we focus on creating the best rods for the species we most often fish here in the upper Midwest.

We Get It
You want a rod that you have confidence in. The one you don’t borrow to friends. You’ve found it right here.
Variety Is The Spice Of Ice Fishing
From Noodle Lite to our Greenback to our Nomad, discover fine-tuned rods designed for the species WE fish.
Feel The Difference
Highly sensitive, extremely lightweight, perfectly balanced & durable Syncork™ handles are superior over old school cork. Lighter. Durable. Awesomeness.

Featured Products

Solid Carbon Fiber, 42” in length, fast action with heavy power.  This is an excellent choice for those large Greenback Walleye’s, Lake Trout, Eel Pout or...
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Solid Carbon Fiber, 32” in length, fast action with medium heavy tip.  Excellent all-around Walleye rod to fish reaction bites utilizing Rippin Raps, Jig’n Raps or...
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Solid Carbon Fiber, 30” in length, fast action with medium tip.  Excellent choice for shallow water Walleye’s, lighter presentations or 4 lb. test.  If you want to...
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Solid Carbon Fiber, 28” blank utilizing 3.5” titanium spring bobber.  Moderate action with medium tip.  Spring bobber indicates lite biting fish. Moderate action maintains even load distribution...
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Solid Carbon Fiber, 32” length, extra fast action with medium tip.  This rod is a panfisherman’s dream.  Perfect action for pursuing Sunfish, Crappie or Perch.
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Noodle Lite
Solid glass rod, 30” in length, extra fast action with very soft tip.  Soft tip detects lite bites but loads quickly to provide immediate hook set....
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Kevin Cochran
Pro Muskie Guide and Educator
Brent Relopez
"Relo" Ice Fisherman extraordinaire & owner of Team Yukon Outdoors
Aaron Templin
NWT Pro Angler & Entrepreneur
History In The Making
The brand may be new, but the owners aren’t. Gregg and Paul Thorne have been in the fishing industry since 1981. They created and marketed the very first graphite ice rods ever produced and were part of the epicenter that started what ice fishing has become today!  In 1993 they...
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