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Gregg and Paul Thorne have been in the fishing industry since 1981. They created and marketed the very first graphite ice rods ever produced and were part of the epicenter that started what ice fishing has become today!  In 1993 they took successful but separate paths through the sport fishing industry and have recently rejoined combining their years of experience and expertise – resulting in high caliber performance rods unlike any other.

Developed in 2005 by Gregg Thorne, Syncork (made in the USA) is a synthetic- based duplication of natural cork. It’s lighter in physical weight, extremely sensitive and durable enough to last lifetimes. It also provides a far superior grip – especially when your hands are wet from rain, cold from frigid temps or from  fish slime, you’ll immediately feel the difference! Once you fish with Syncork, nothing else will do!

paul gregg thorne