Elliott Ice Rods: Designed for success.

You avoid the crowds, make your own journey and build off your own success. Our ice fishing rods aren’t mass produced, they’re not made for everyone - that’s fine with us.

Based in northern Minnesota, we know the difference between the types of bites, jigging actions and tactics used across the upper Midwest. That’s what our ice fishing rods are designed for. We’ve fished for perch on Devil’s Lake and the prairie lakes, have ventured to Ontario for lake trout, traveled to Winnebago for bluegills, the UP for crappies and of course our own Minnesota backyard for walleyes.

Explore our collection of finely tuned ice rods and make your next hard water adventure a success.

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Please Note: Some rods are not available on our website in order for us to support the inventory requirements of our retail dealer network. Those rods are in stock at many of our retail dealers across the upper Midwest.  Most of them have on-line e-commerce capabilities. To find a store near you visit our Retailers page.

You’ll Feel The Difference as soon as an Elliott Rod Rests in Your Hands.

Review our ice rod lineup and you're sure to find the rod you've been missing.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Sensitive


Feel more...catch more. If your rod doesn’t express its feelings and talk to you, it's time for a new fishing partner. Sensitivity is the make-or-break factor of a high-performance fishing rod.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Lightweight


By using our proprietary Syncork™ handles paired with Elliott EL345 Graphite blanks, we achieve the lightest possible physical weight.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Balanced


The pinnacle point in the art of rod design that enhances all the positive factors while eliminating the negatives, creating perfect balance.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Strong


Syncork™ offers a distinct advantage in durability and endurance over other handle materials in all conditions. Elliott Rods are built with high-performance Elliott EL345 Graphite blanks.

Elliott Rods Foundation - Scientific


Masterfully built on scientific principles to give anglers optimum balance, sensitivity and performance, time and again.