Open Water

You’ve had a heck of week and in your mind every day, there was a vision of that one place you needed to be.  We know it because we live it too! Getting there gets us back to our center. We crave being on the water with our friends and family, and that almost undetectable “tap” on the line that we itched for all week. Our time on the water is often too short and too long in between so when we get it, we make the best of it.  This is part of what made Elliott Fishing Rods happen and it flows into every rod we make and love. It’s been said that “Birds of feather flock together” and like us you’ve worked hard for it and earned the best equipment your money can buy without one ounce of buyer’s remorse.  Folks like us aren’t mass produced and either are Elliott Rods. We design rods for anglers with a passion for performance, most often with function over fashion and to not folly in trends that don’t perform in the hand or on the water. From panfish, to walleyes, to muskies – light to heavy – you’ll quickly discover we know what you want, how you want it to feel, and what you need it to do with the results you’re looking for…. Catching more fish!

Make the time to live your life. And make one more cast…

Elliott Rods – “Feel The Difference”