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Never Following, Always Leading. Our Cornerstone.

We're two Minnesota brothers, who grew up with a never-ending passion for fishing, spending years on the water. That passion fueled a successful journey into designing custom fishing rods like none other. What started in the garages and basements of our homes we took one step further, establishing the original Thorne Bros. Custom Rod &Tackle, and then beyond that to other outdoor sporting goods industries and revolutionary products.

Nearly 40 years later, the thrill of pioneering advancements in the fishing rod industry beckoned and we returned to our roots, launching the finest high-performance fishing rods in today's market - Elliott Rods.

A high performance rod series. You'll feel the difference.

Elliott Rods outperform others in technique and style due to our renowned ability to perfect the delicate balance of art, fun and science in rod building. It’s an unmatched level of quality that you’ll feel the moment an Elliott rod hits your hand and will be proven time and again on the water.

Superior in style, handling and longevity, meet Syncork™.

Developed in 2005 by Gregg Thorne, Syncork™ (made in the USA) is a synthetic-based duplication of natural cork. It’s lighter in physical weight, extremely sensitive and durable enough to last many lifetimes.

Syncork cannot absorb water, dry out or rot, and is resistant to UV rays and other chemicals and products commonly used in fishing situations. It also provides a far superior grip – especially when your hands are wet from rain, cold from frigid temps or slick with fish slime, you’ll immediately feel the difference. Once you fish an Elliott Rod with a Syncork handle, nothing else will do!

Researched and field tested by our brand ambassadors and pro angling team.

Innovation does not happen without trial and error or on its own - it takes a team. The Elliott Rods family is made up of some of the brightest and most accomplished anglers in the industry who are continually testing, researching and reporting on what anglers need for today’s leading fishing tactics.

Elliott Rods Founders - Paul & Gregg Thorne
Elliott Rods Founders & Brothers: Paul Thorne & Gregg Thorne

In The News

Elliott Rods – Why We’re Different

By Gregg Thorne
One of the cornerstones of Elliott Rods is to “Lead – Don’t Follow”. Leading is more than being different with wild colors and temporary trends. It means making something better. It doesn’t correlate with becoming the largest brand or having the biggest selection. To us it means making sure that what we produce is by far the very best in both performance and value.

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Gregg Thorne building rods

A Behind-The-Scenes Look At Elliott Fishing Rods

By Dave Maas. Bassmaster, Apr. 5, 2018.
I get it — you’ve never heard of Elliott Fishing Rod. And I know what you’re thinking: It’s not possible for a small rod company to compete on any level with the big manufacturers when it comes to research and development (R&D), innovation and top-notch components.
The fact is, you’d be wrong. Let me explain.

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In-Fisherman Ice Fishing Guide - A Tale of Two Brothers

Graphite Ice Rods – A Tale of Two Brothers

Graphite Ice Rods – A Tale of Two Brothers “Graphite Ice Rods – A Tale of Two Brothers.” In Fisherman, Nov. 2019, pp. 32-33. In 1978, Paul & Gregg Thorne began building fishing rods in Paul’s basement. The rods were successful, prompting them to rent space from Ted Capra for…

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Elliott Rods Ice Rod - Rippineyes

2019 In-Fisherman Holiday Gift Guide

In-Fisherman 2019 Holiday Gift Guide Ice Rod Perfection Fine-tuned and super sensitive, with exclusive Syncork handles that are lighter, stronger, less slippery, and more comfortable to handle than cork, the Elliott Rods Rippineyes measures 32 inches and is a solid carbon fiber design, medium-heavy power with a fast action to…

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