Elliott Rods - Why We're Different

By: Gregg Thorne

One of the cornerstones of Elliott Rods is to “Lead – Don’t Follow”. Leading is more than being different with wild colors and temporary trends. It means making something better. It doesn’t correlate with becoming the largest brand or having the biggest selection. To us it means making sure that what we produce is by far the very best in both performance and value.


Elliott Rods is the exclusive source of Syncork, a handle material which provides superior comfort, feel and sensitivity over organic cork or other handle materials.

elliott rods - spinning rod handle open water

Syncork is superior because it’s 30% lighter in physical weight and 45% denser than organic cork. No other material can stand up to Syncork’s comfort, durability, longevity and above all, sensitivity.

Combining All The Factors

There are 4 - 5 essential factors in the rod design equation. Each factor must measure up to create a positive impact within that equation in order to create a total positive sum. If just one or two of those factors becomes a negative component, the outcome is just another average rod - no matter what it costs. When designing a rod, it is easy to get one or two essential factors wrong and very difficult to get all correct and working in perfect harmony. This process requires extensive study, research and above all, trial and error.

The Elliott Rods Mission

Elliott Rods is the effort of 70+ combined years of experience and innovation in the outdoor industry by Gregg and Paul Thorne, along with many other helping hands.  At Elliott Rods, we define a “High Performance Fishing Rod” as any one of our specific models, because they are all finely tuned and deliver unmatched performance that simply catch more fish. Get an Elliott Rod on the water today and you will - Feel The Difference!